I'm creating an online cancer mentorship program

Helping cancer patients learn how to manage treatment and recovery as naturally as possible!

Welcome to Cancer Harmony

I'm Dr. Christina Alba, DC The Cancer Mindset Doc

I offer wholistic support for those that are planning/doing/have done conventional cancer treatment. 

Currently in the cancer realm, there are two basic paradigms of treatment. The conventional approach of cut, poison, burn and the natural approach that focuses on alternative therapies as treatment options. 

I'm working to fill the gap between these two cancer treatment paradigms

In 2018, I had advanced cervical cancer and my oncologists' regimen was 28 external pelvic radiation treatments, 6 rounds of chemo, and 5 rounds of brachytherapy (internal, high-dose radiation) all in EIGHT WEEKS.

That was certainly intense, and also completely overwhelming hearing when I heard the news

I discovered and followed three main pillars for getting the most out of cancer treatment with the least amount of impact on your life. 

  • supporting my body's own detoxification mechanism
  • studied the side effects and developed a plan for managing them effectively
  • reset, rejuvenation and recovery after treatment was finished

and I'm organizing a free community for cancer patients to support each other on this path. 

I'm also sharing in my free wellness workshop the best ways to support your body during and after treatment

If any are a current or former cancer patient and are in need of support dealing with the side effects of treatment,  you're invited to join me here on my own private network. 

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